In recent months we’ve seen Facebook pages, blogs, and Pinterest pages devoted to the nail arts, and with good reason — the perfect manicure has become quite the status symbol. Some ladies keep it simple with basic colors and one layer, others skirt tradition by using new methods such as gels, and magnetic lacquer. Some haven give new nail shapes a go.

A well manicured nail is a thing of beauty (and envy) but what happens when the polish is off and your dry, brittle nails are revealed? Time to take a break? Probably.

Ryan Wolf, Co-founder – NailEZEE

However, if you can’t put down the lacquer crack you should pick up a bottle of NailEZEE. Ryan Wolf, one of the co-founders (it’s a family affair) explained NailEZEE is “formaldehyde free, [and] all of the colors are infused with biotin and keratin to add natural moisture back to your nails.” Also, the polish is free of toulene, and dubutyl phthalate. You know that whole not eating anything you can’t pronounce rule? We’re going to apply this to nail polish too.

In addition to a gorgeous collection of pastels just in time for spring; daring brights for the summer (we love “Sun Kissed”); and sparkles for a little more oomph anytime, NailEZEE carries their own line of nail treatments. Toughen Up, Stay Strong, and Revitalize address specific issues including weakness, dryness and overall maintenance of healthy nails.

It’s so EZEE to rock good looking nails when you’ve got a company with more than 25 years of experience under their belt. NailEZEE is invested in making sure their customers have beautiful and strong nails they’ll want to show off.