Josh Davis otherwise known as DJ Shadow made his mark by helping to pave the foundation within the music subculture community back in 1996 with the release of his debut album Endtroducing… If you’ve never heard this album, you should. It’s a sample enriched masterpiece of biting beats. Regarded as one of the most influential and consistently innovative artists and turntable pioneers within the instrumental hip hop and electronic music genre, DJ Shadow’s newest collection includes four of his finest recordings available beginning today. Reconstructed: The Best Of DJ Shadow will be released on one single CD and double vinyl, while Reconstructed: The Definitive DJ Shadow will be issued as a multi-disc box set. Limited to 500 copies worldwide, each set will be available for $270 USD and is individually signed by DJ Shadow. The set includes: 8 discs, 1 x 12” vinyl record, as well as a booklet, featuring an essay by acclaimed music writer Dave Tompkins, and numerous photos by long time Shadow collaborator B+ and artwork design created by Trevor Jackson.

All the music across the three formats is drawn from Shadow’s 20-year career – from the early pre-Mo Wax days, the present and his most recent album, The Less You Know, The Better. Perhaps most exciting to Shadow fans is the inclusion of two brand new tracks, including the pop masterpiece “Listen,” featuring legendary vocalist Terry Reid. To learn more and to purchase visit here.

Tracklisting available in the following formats:

Single CD:
1. Midnight in A Perfect World
2. High Noon
3. I’ve Been Trying
4. This Time (I’m Gonna Try it My Way)
5. You Can’t Go Home Again [Radio Edit]
6. Scale it Back (Feat. Little Dragon) [Single Edit]
7. Listen (Feat. Terry Reid) [Previously Unreleased]
8. Stem [Single Edit]
9. Six Days
10. Won’t You Be [Previously Unreleased]
11. Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)
12. Lonely Soul (Feat. Richard Ashcroft) [7″ Version]
13. Blood on the Motorway
14. You Made It (Feat. Chris James)
15. Redeemed
16. Dark Days (Main Theme)

Disc 1
Side A
1. Midnight in a Perfect World
2. High Noon
3. I’ve Been Trying
4. This Time (I’m Gonna Try it My Way)

Side B
1. You Can’t Go Home Again [Radio Edit]
2. Scale it Back (Feat. Little Dragon) [Single Edit]
3. Listen (Feat. Terry Reid) [Previously Unreleased]
4. Stem [Single Edit]

Disc Two
Side A
1. Six Days
2. Won’t You Be (Previously Unreleased)
3. Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)
4. Lonely Soul (Feat. Richard Ashcroft [7″ Version]

Side B
1. Blood on the Motorway
2. You Made It (Feat. Chris James)
3. Redeemed

Box Set:
Disc 1: Entroducing…
Disc 2: Entroducing… Bonus Disc (Rarities and B-Sides)
Disc 3: The Private Press
Disc 4: The Outsider
Disc 5: The Less You Know, The Better
Disc 6: The Best of the Rest (Bonus CD)
1. Listen (Feat. Terry Reid) (Previously Unreleased)
2. Won’t You Be (Previously Unreleased)
3. Lost and Found (S.F.L.)
4. Hindsight
5. Skullfuckery (Feat. The Heliocentrics)
6. Hardcore (Intrumental) Hip-Hop
7. Divine Intervention (Feat. Divine Styler)
8. Lonely Soul (Feat. Richard Ashcroft) [7″ Edit]
9. High Noon
10. Dark Days (Main Theme)
11. Camel Bobsled Race (DJ Shadow Mix by Q-Bert)
Disc 7: Live From Glasgow 2011
Disc 8: (DVD) In Tune and On Time

Box Set 12″:
Side A
1. The Number Song (Cut Chemist Party Mix)
2. Be There (Feat. Ian Brown) (Underdog Mix)
3. Six Days (Remix)

Side B:
1. Enuff (DJ Fresh Remix)
2. I Gotta Rokk (Irn Mnky Swaager Mix)
3. Scale it Back (Kev Willow Remix)