Bassnectar-REZ Remix

San Francisco based DJ/Producer Lorin Ashton otherwise known as Bassnectar puts his spin on the track ‘Rez’, originally released by the iconic British electronic group Underworld featured on their 4th album Second Toughest In The Infants in 1996. Flash forward 17 years, Bassnectar will release his remix on OM Records this February 12th. “REZ” has had a special place in Ashton’s heart for well over a decade as a memorable part of his early exposure to dance music. “By the time I first heard ‘REZ’…it was already a classic says Ashton.

We have our own fond memories of the nearly 10 minute original. Fog and laser beam lit, the dance floor was filled with wide eyed candy induced ravers in a trance ridden state moving to the hypnotizing beat. Bassnectar’s remix is a solid and updated version for today’s festival goers seeking the big sound experience. The single will be released on 180-gram vinyl with digital download, full color jacket sleeve and liner notes from Bassnectar and Underworld.

UNDERWORLD | REZ Original (Second Toughest Is The Infants EP) 1996