For those of you internationally bound for some artistic inspiration, graffiti and multi-media artist Indie will be showcasing her first solo exhibition entitled “Wild At heart” in Paris this Thursday February 7th at the Galerie MathGoth. The NYC based artist will be offering over a dozen new paintings using black and white photographs of women, stencil, marker and brushes with the integration of collages.

“My creative process usually starts by pouring out conflicting ideas or emotions using words, images and color. When I create a painting, it’s like a page of my personal diary – all the pieces are worlds of personal declarations. Constant use of word play, found scraps of paper, stencil, graffiti, graphics and photographs mixed with vivid colors. Layering and textures of paint and paper resonates the spirit and soul of the work. I use iconic female imagery provoking mood and expression embellished with dripping paint juxtaposed with words. The use of color is significantly important reflecting the energy of the painting. The composed painting reflects power, motivation and with an undeniable twist of feminism in my paintings.”- Indie 184

Thursday February 7, 2013 (Opening Reception)
Time: 6pm to 9pm
Location: Galerie MathGoth | 32, rue Rodier – 75009 Paris.
“Wild At Heart” open through February 21st.