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Now in its fifth year, Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament is a true test for those ready to bring their skills to the battle. The competition goes global in 16 cities, with 256 competitors and 48 winner competing in the fields of 3D, 2D, and motion design. Nerves will be tested as the clocked battle will showcase the most innovative designers who will create their work on stage in front of a live audience in multiple rounds. The audience will interact and are encouraged to tweet feedback as comments will be posted on the jumbotrons between rounds.

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Daft Punk- DJ Hero

We never seem to take time out for a few hours of stress free play time. This might just force us to do so. Grammy Award winning French DJ duo Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, otherwise known as Daft Punk, have teamed up with Activision, to produce the new DJ Hero game which will release on October 27th, 2009.

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APPLE | TOUCHSCREEN NETBOOK: Rumored to debut this holiday season

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Apple Touchbook1

We were pretty amazed when Apple launched the iPhone back in 2007. They always seem to have a knack for releasing new technology that you can’t seem to live without (or so you think). You ultimately end up turning into an obsessed tech geek fixated on always needing to check your hand held device. Well it seems that the technology community is buzzing once again. The rumor mill has it that Apple will be producing a new 9.7 inch touchscreen tablet, set to debut starting this holiday 2009/10 shopping season, and will retail for the mere price of $800. According to the Mandarin newspaper The China Times (with a rought English translation), they have apparently sourced rumors from several of Apple’s supply chain partners, including: Dynapack, Foxconn, and Wintek who have all received orders from Apple. Fact or fiction- you be the judge, its keeping us intrigued.


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Many of our R.A.W. readers know the fondness we have for Germany. Aside from having some of the illest beats and Bboys, this is just another good reason to add to our ever growing list. For those of us that are domestically bound, we can only hope that this user friendly application will catch on to be a worldwide movement…or at least in New York (hint, hint)

Adidas celebrated the launch of the highly anticipated Urban Art Guide this past March 20th, by hosting a media bash held at Hotel in Berlin, a night club set to officially open its doors this summer 2009. Based out of Berlin, the new mobile art guide is a free download via Itunes for iPhone users. For those that enjoy getting visually stimulated while keeping stride in the urban jungle, art connoisseurs can now have the best of both worlds with a hands on guide using the new application to visit various pieces of art through out the city streets. From known museums and galleries to hidden nooks and corridors, this new guide covers it all.

To learn more and get your FREE Adidas Urban Art Guide visit the iTunes Store. Otherwise take a virtual tour with the short video tutorial below.

Adidas Urban Art Guide

The city is a gallery. The adidas Urban Art Guide is the catalog. When Urban Art entered the scene, art left the galleries. Their characters populate the whole urban landscape. Especially in a young and international city like Berlin they follows us at every turn like a second population. But who captures them, organizes and comments this highly dynamic art which constantly re-invents and erases itself? The adidas Urban Art Guide provides for the art on the street what a catalog provides for art in the galleries – a reliable guide which opens eyes, sharpens the understanding and intensifies the fun in Urban Art.

The Urban Art Guide editorial staff is based in Berlin. The city simply forces us to develop excitement for paintings on walls. And curiosity: Who are these artists, how are they linked, what kind of styles develop? Being that curious the idea of the Urban Art Guide came up. A project is needed that specifically answers questions – right on the spot. The adidas Urban Art Guide sends an article for each artwork that you are standing in front of directly to your iPhone. The article gives information on the artist, the artwork and references.

In close cooperation with Urban Artists but also with classical art historians not only a catalog is created but also an extensive and permanently updated Urban Art archive. The fast-paced and short-lived Urban Art is met with the consistency of the Urban Art Guide articles. Long after artworks have perished from walls, are weathered or wantonly erased, they are still documented on the Urban Art Guide website. The guide doesn’t only show the present condition of Urban Art, it also records its history.

The adidas Urban Art Guide counts on interaction in order to meet the fast-paced changes of Urban Art. You have seen a new artwork? Take a picture and send it to the Urban Art Guide. The editorial staff checks it. Because the adidas Urban Art Guide doesn’t only react quickly and flexibly, it also counts on maximum reliability – and all-time ready to go.


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Music production has been brought to a whole new level. If you’re a novice or aspiring DJ, and have ever dreamt of creating beats without the expense of draining your bank account on equipment, this may be your answer. Based out of Berlin, Hobnox is new online community web portal which allows music lovers the opportunity to create and share original music and videos, with the use of a state-of-the-art Audio tool format. With the added help of an impressive browser based Flash version of a mixing board, users will be allowed to score their own original beats and melodies within their site. According to Hobnox PR, some added features include:

•LIVE recording and saving functionality
•Addition of a ‚Mac/Dock-like shelf with all the devices •New devices: Splitter, Merger, Compressor, Phaser, Slope and Gate
•No Java Bypass (you’ll need Flash 10 in order to use this tool)
•Audiotool- The use of 3 default set-ups or start a blank set-up.

We say, this quite possibly could be the next techy trend that may actually make sense.

NABAZTAG by Violet

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Nabaztag is the Armenian word for “rabbit”. The “smart object” is a WI-FI capable electronic device in the form of a rabbit created by designers Rafi Haladjian and Olivier Mével in 2006, and manufactured by Violet. Nabaztag is completely customizable and programmable. The device is able to connect to the internet, send and receive MP3 formats, provide email alerts, RSS Feeds, a social network community, as well as read text messages in 16 different languages. Who would have ever thought this little gadget would be the next big tech must have.
So much so, that Visit Pret A Porter Paris a leader among the fashion world has taken notice.
They have teamed up with Violet to dress the robo-rabbit in designer outfits by 60 creative types. After a promotional world tour, the bunnies will be auctioned off for charity. We say, we’re oddly intrigues and want one. Visit Nabaztag for detailers and a retailer near you.


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Designed by MOPHIE Juice Pack, it is the first Apple certified rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the form of a non-slip, soft grip case which will extend the use of user’s 1st Gen Iphone time. We’ve looked at some other battery boosting gadgets, and this is by far the most sleek in design.

Standby Time – Up to 250 hours
Audio Playback – Up to 24 hours
Talk Time – Up to 8 hours
Video Playback – Up to 7 hours
Internet Use – Up to 6 hours

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