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Led by a collective of dynamic women representing the B-Girl community, this Berlin based organization mission is to unite, empower, and showcase worldwide talent.

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New Line ZEN & FUKA- Summer/Fall ’08

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Newly launched in 2008, this premium brand is one to definitely look out for. Based out of London, ZEN & FUKA, blends Japanese inspired traditions with European urban consciousness. This first collection will introduce 4 ‘Samurai’ themed graphics limited to 200 pieces each worldwide. The t-shirts have subtle logo hits on the back collar and sleeve, and are packaged in an exclusive Zen & Fuka box. Currently available via Yukka Deluxe. We predict a bright future to follow for this brand.

MILKSHAKE KICKS | Their not your ordinary float

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milkshake kicks

It goes without saying that the visibility of sneaker culture has increased dramatically within the last 10 years, and has given birth to numerous company collaborations and brands. With the industry generally being so male driven, ladies often have to size down to men’s styles to achieve their look of choice. domain hosting . Fortunately within more recent years companies have taken notice of women’s interest, and have started to cultivate select sneaker cuts, colors, & material usage.

We’ve had our radar on the newly launched footwear brand Milkshake based out of the NYC. Specifically catered for la femme’s, the ’08 line features 3 distinct styles cheekily entitled ‘Bloom’, ‘Disco Fresh’, & ‘Thought Bubble Collection’ feat. the animated 1930s pop icon, Betty Boop. A fourth line entitled ‘Retro City’ is brewing in the laboratory for Spring ’09. Visit MILKSHAKE to view the entire line & store locations. Stay afloat, as we will keep you in the know.

INSA ‘A Freeness Affair’ x REPRESENT tee

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Last week Friday London based street artist INSA, presented the DIRTY CASH II (‘A Freenes Affair’) art exhibition & party. If you were one of the first 100 patrons that attended, then you were lucky enough to receive the ‘REPRESENT’ tee. If not, you’ll be happy to know they are available in 3 colorways for both men & women, for the price of £20. To get the full coverage on the event & to show your love, visit INSALAND

STREET ART: The Graffiti Revolution

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The first of its kind, this book is a historical account which documents the evolution of Graffiti, tracing lineage from cave paintings, to Parisian wall photography by Brassai, as well as the global phenomenon of Street Art initially popularized in the 1980s. The book also features 160 pages and 120 color illustrations from such pioneering artists that include Futura 2000, Lady Pink, & Shepard Fairy (Obey). Currently available through online U.K. retailers, otherwise you can pre-order through Amazon starting Sept. 17th.

About the Authors
Cedar Lewishon, is a recognized artist and writer based out of London. His recent projects include ‘Old Money’ at the Intermedia Gallery in Glascow. Henry Chalfant provides the Introdution, and is a world-famous American urban photographer recognized for his co-authored account of Style Wars, and documentation for the Style Wars film. A highly recommended addition for your library.


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Frequently drawn to horror movies, we’re more than likely searching for all things ‘freakishly odd’. We ended up doing a Wiki on super socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, otherwise known as NYC’s “Cat Women”, which in turn led us to discover MONT LA ROC . The young brand was created by it’s designer Peter Garvey, and is based out of Australia. The two t-shirts are from his latest collection, inspired by the 1968 George Romero cult favorite Night of the Living Dead , and la lovely lady ‘Lioness’ herself.

Reebok Freestyle x MTTM x Colette

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We’re a little late on this latest collabo, but here it is. Reebok has teamed up with the female street brand ‘Married to the Mob’ & renound French boutique ‘Colette’ to create an exclusive run of 300 sneakers worldwide. The model of choice is the Freestyle silhouette, which consists of a white patent leather upper adorned with the MOB signature lipstick print, red translucent sole, & back heel logo hits. With what seems to be a mixed review among many collectors, it hasn’t stopped them from being sold out everywhere.


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Mmmm…I ‘heart’ me some Hellz. Ladies, get it while you can. This is one SS not to be missed! All HB will be 50%-75% OFF which will include exclusive and sold out items.

*Cash and all major credit cards accepted*
When: Friday, August 1 – Sunday, August 3
Time: 11am – 7pm
Where: 435 Broome Street, NY 10013