Graffiti Magazine No.9

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For the astute graffiti connoisseur always in search for new inspiration,GRAFFITI MAGAZINE has just dropped their 9th Issue for this summer. Based out of Germany, they’ve been running the scene since 2005. This issue features trains, walls, tags, & t-ups from the Rhein to Ruhr District.

Preview | LACOSTE Ladies Hi-Top @ WSA

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In our search to find colorful footwear for the ladies, we came across these blinders made by non other than Lacoste (who would’ve thought). They are uber hot pink hi-tops consisting of a leather body with a sateen-like side panel finish, and adorned with matching ribbon laces. Freshly previewed at this months WSA Show in Vegas. More after drop, drop

Missfits + Social Politics= CARDBOARD ROBOT

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When one hears the words Cardboard Robot you don’t quite know what to make of it. Consisting of a group of self proclaimed free thinkers and misfits, CARDBOARD ROBOT is a 3 year running Ladies/Men’s clothing brand based out of Long Beach, CA, as well as a growing movement often focused on promoting political & social awareness through their graphic designs. Visit the online shop to peep the line. They will also be exhibiting their latest wears at the upcoming AGENDA TRADESHOW September 4-6 in San Diego.

GORILLAZ | Beijing Games ’08 Viral Video

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Gorillaz Olympics

It’s always a treat when you come across music that not so easily categorized. Formed in ’98 by Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett, the virtual band known as GORILLAZ presents a multitude of musical genres ranging from Rock, Hip Hop, and Trip Hop. Lead by its four animated band members 2D, Murdoc, Noodle, & Russell, they are portrayed in fantastical landscapes presented in short story video format.

In the Gorillaz latest project, Albarn & Hewlett have teamed up with the BBC to produce the title sequence and theme song for this year’s network coverage of the Beijing Olympics. In the networks efforts to draw younger viewers, a two-minute promo video will feature the song, and revolve around three new mystical characters named Monkey, Pigsy, & Sandy, and their interpreted JOURNEY TO THE WEST .

Nike SB- "E.T." BMX Pack Release

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For those that slept on the Nike SB “Kuwaharas”, now is your opportunity to still cop a pair from our SPECIAL SAUCE brothership. The sneakers consist of a red to white gradient, with a patent leather toe box. Their inspiration is based on the Kuwahara BMX bike used in the classic 1982 Spielberg film E.T.

GRAFFITI ROCK | Flashback (Parts 1-3)

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Graffiti Rock

Originally screened on June 29,1984 on channel WPIX NYC, Graffiti Rock was a hip hop based television program intended to air as an on-going series, but unfortunately only received one pilot episode. It’s creator MICHAEL HOLMAN was the shows host, as well the manager for the New York City Breakers crew who were featured on the episode. Other notable appearances featured the shows DJ Jimmie Jaz, Rappers Kool Moe Dee & Special K of Treacherous Three, performances by Run DMC & Shannon. The graffiti artwork on the set was created by the artist “Brim”. Take a closer look and you’ll also find notable indie actors Vincent Gallo (“Prince Vince”) & Debbie Mazar virtually unknown at the time. For those who missed out on this one time affair (or just weren’t born yet), you’ll be happy to know the footage is available a la DVD, or you can just sneak a peek and watch the heat below.

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If there ever was an opportunity for humanity to get involved with a a worth while cause for one day, it would be on 8.31.08. In less than 37 days, a 10K race will be hosted by Nike in 25 major cities around the world.

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DESIGN | CHANEL Mobile Art lands in NYC

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Don’t look to the skies, but the iconic brand Chanel will temporarily be touching down in Central Park, NY with a traveling art pavilion known as MOBILE ART . At the request of Chanel’s designer Karl Lagerfeld, the futuristic spaceship like structure was created by architect Zaha Hadid of London, and will house the works of 20 international contemporary artists who will exhibit their works inspired by the staple quilt bag that has given Chanel it’s unique identity. The challenge was to make the 7,500-square-foot structure visually compelling, and could also be transported with ease. The material consists of light weight panels that can easily be packed into 51 shippable containers. The traveling project will have free entry to all and will circulate for the next 2 years in Asia, United States, & Europe. An event we’re looking forward to! Back after the jump.

EXHIBITION: Oct. 20 to Nov. 9
LOCATION: Central Park, NY, Rumsey Field & 70st.

Source:NY Times

Source: The Cool Hunter