ALFONSO RIBIERO | Remember this one?

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Not much can be said about this one, it speaks for itself. Infomercial from ’85 with child star Alfonso Ribiero. Only $19.99.

CULTURE | LIFESTYLE- Blessed by babakONE

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We’re eternally DEDICATED to our man babakONE for this blessed piece. Soul bros born on the same day, a special shout from Babak to Pete.
Thank you!
Peace,Respect, & 1L

School House Rock!

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A trip down memory lane with some of our favorite Saturday morning “School House Rock” episodes.

Kon & Amir | Present Off Track-Volume 2

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Kon & Amir- Volume II

Those who know, are aware of our never ending quest and debates on music’s past, present, & future. Luckily for the last 25 years New York’s crate digging duo KON & AMIR have been serving a select menu of obscure rare grooves to new & existing listeners. The follow up to their Off Track Vol.1-The Bronx, their latest release entitled Kon & Amir: Present OFF TRACK Vol.2 is packed with over 5 hours of equally satisfying mixing. Kon’s music selection of 70’s and 80’s classics also provides his signature editing to extend the instrumentals, while Amir’s earthly blend of world & African inspired beats is prominent.

N.E.R.D VIDEO | “Spaz”

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NERD- Spaz

The official video for the second single “Spaz” off the third album from N.E.R.D,”Seeing Sounds”. Straight forward black & white footage from what seems to be taken from a live show. If you haven’t heard the entire album yet, you’ll get an eclectic mix of beat making ranging from Spank Rock to Drum ‘n’ Bass.

Martha Cooper- Snapshots Into The Past

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Current TV

We often find ourselves engrossed within the vast amount of pods and short segments that CURRENT TV has to offer, ranging from lifestyle to world politics. This independently owned cable network jumped off in 2005. It’s creator and half owner Al Gore (yes you read that correctly), mission is to have the station serve as a portal and “independent voice” to those who want to learn about the world. In our efforts to spread this belief, here are two interview segments. They explain the more positive ideologies within Hip Hop from its sometimes segmented culture. Photo journalist & pioneer Martha Cooper reminisces back to a more simpler time. She provides thoughtful commentary on her past urban explorations among the youth with in their communities, and her correlation between Graffiti, BBoy’s, & the emergence of Rap music.


INTERVIEW:Thomas Greene

Air McFly 2015 meets Hyperdunk 2008

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NIKE- AirMcFly

Most sneaker aficionados & self proclaimed kicksologists are in a stir over the highly publicized release of the new Nike Hyperdunk, inspired by the original “Air McFly 2015’s” version. These sneakers were initially featured in the 1989 cult film “Back To The Future II”, and were worn by it’s main protagonist Marty McFly (a.k.a Michael J. Fox). Interestingly enough, a potential Air McFly prototype was considered by Nike as far back as 18 years ago. Having also watched the movie in the theatre with melting Goobers in hand, fellow on lookers “Oooohed!” and “Ahhhhed!” after McFly displayed his sneaks. Call it nostalgia, but we enjoy remembering the originals for simply being the classics that they were. Visit: CNBC for additional details.

Aoyama Itchome…Say what?

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If you can’t pronounce the name, take some time and get to know the brand. Aoyama Itchome is created by Paris resident & Japanese designer Hogo Natsuwa. Created in 2001, the label still seems to be relatively unknown to the street fashionista. I happened to come across my first AI piece a few seasons back at one of my favorite shopping grounds. To date, I have happily collected various limited pieces which include Asian inspired silk & woven tunics, as well as killer African patterned scarves. site generator You’ll be happy to know that Aoyama Itchome has opened it’s very own retail boutique in NY, located in Boerun Hill. Happy Shopping!

Aoyama Itchome
296 Atlantic Ave nr
Smith St., Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
(718) 875-1790
Tue—Sun 11am—7pm

Source: Racked

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