Our agency is a full service Non-Traditional firm. We have over 20 years of first hand experience specializing within the youth and lifestyle driven markets. We’re focused on providing clients niche marketing initiatives with our extended services that include:

Our team works diligently with clients to plan and execute special events to elevate your company identity, from concept to completion. We utilize our industry networks and long standing relationships to implement your ideal venue. Whether you are looking to host a small scale lounge party, opening, or product launch, we will ensure that you reach your target audience. If you are a potential client that throws caution to the wind, we just might be a perfect marriage. Often imitated and never duplicated, RAW is known for its “out of the box’ guerilla tactics and ideas!

Need to get the word out about a new offer or special promotion? We understand the importance of building your brand and image awareness to the public as well as your select media and press groups. We will work with you to strategize, structure, and ultimately customize a plan of action to build and promote your message and vision with maximum results. RAW Creative recognizes the advantage and impact using such methodologies as social networking, grassroots, viral, and buzz marketing techniques which will enhance key client campaign and initiatives.

We are your essential one-stop shop for selecting the most highly qualified and diverse group of entertainment for all your event needs. As a client seeking to host workshops, or a private to large scale occasion, our network of artists and talent can be hired to add high energy appeal, as well as bring a sense of sexy & stylish class. Our portfolio of live artists, DJ’s, and dancers encourage interaction with the audience, while creating a newsworthy affair your guests will remember.

The advantage of incorporating sponsorship strategies into your project needs, will allow clients the opportunity to collaborate with our select network of independent as well as premium brands that will effectively increase visibility to your target audience and media outlets. In turn, every brand sponsor seeks equal exposure to boost their company appeal. Our team will work closely with you to select key brands that will intensify your products needs through a variety of platforms such as:

• Spirit & Beverage Outreach
• VIP Swag Gift Program Incentive
• Banner Advertisment

Developing your brands logo is a crucial factor that will help to determine a lasting impression and distinguish you from the rest of your competition. We know how difficult it can be to translate your vision into a design. We specialize in creating memorable and color savvy creations. To learn how you can maximize your potential, contact us today!

Whether you are a designer seeking to enhance your collection, a media or trade magazine in pursuit to capture a fashion perfect editorial, or a client in need of consultation to boost personal style, we work hands on with established industry professionals that will make it happen! We will work with our network of photographers, stylists, hair, and makeup artists to streamline your concepts to life.