CULTURE | LIFESTYLE- New Get Going Travel Website Launches Offering Up to 40% Off Flights

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For some travel seekers, half the fun of booking a destination flight is doing the research and knowing that you got one over on a major airline by saving yourself some serious bank. At least that’s how we see it. Okay so you may not be sitting in first class sipping on a crystal flute of Moët, but as long as you’re relatively comfortable and not next to the crying baby, everything is pretty good. Hence the new website launch of Get Going scheduled to drop this March 6th offering savings seekers up to 40% savings. For more details visit here.

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TRAVEL | Sofitel Hotels Offering Spring Sale Incentive With 25% Off

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Who doesn’t love a little luxury at a fraction of the price. This spring Sofitel Hotel is offering 25% off when you reserve a 4 night stay on your next vacation or business destination around the world. Treat yourself to some refinement in Miami and San Francisco with prices beginning at $101 a night, to the bustling city of Berlin for $147 or a fashionably chic stay in London for $151 a night. To learn more and book a reservation visit here.

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Tao Group Introduces Southern Italian Restaurant & Nightclub

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For the last few years New York City had a lack of unique nightclub options. Those of you who ventured and sought after weekly events were often disappointed. We feel your pain. Thankfully this fall releases a series of highly anticipated new venue’s that include the soon to launch NYC location of Lavo. The Tao Group brings their famed Las Vegas nightlife and dining experience with this new location as an extension of their existing space in Las Vegas, and will feature Southern Italian bistro style food along with a state-of-the-art nightclub.

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PROMETHEUS SPRINGS | Manhattan Based Organic Beverages Debut

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The extreme summertime heat often leaves us feeling irritable and dehydrated. Manhattan based spicy beverage company Prometheus Springs provides a solution with their all-natural, non-alcoholic elixirs that contain a blend of heat extracted from chili peppers, layered with a blend of refreshing gourmet drinks available for $2.49 in three flavors- Lemon Ginger, Lychee Wasabi and Pomegranite Black Pepper. It’s definitely got our taste buds curious. As soon as we try them, we’ll let you know if we got that quick picker up feeling.

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We recently heard the latest buzz about the authenticity of the viral video featuring actor Dan Akroyd promoting his new quadruple-distilled vodka, made with Newfoundland water and triple filtered process. After viewing the 8 minute long video we were hesitant to believe this was actually real. What seems to be one part infomercial and two parts history lesson is actually part of a clever marketing campaign for the new premium spirit called Crystal Head Vodka. Manufactured in Canada, the vodka is featured in a clear glass shaped skull bottle designed by John Alexander, and manufactured by master artisans in Milan’s Bruni Glass Company. We know what you’re thinking. Yes, it is pretty unique, isn’t it? We wouldn’t mind having this ourselves just for the bottle. Thankfully the Infinium Spirits is promoting the Crystal Head Vodka for the U.S. It will be available starting in California, Texas, Nevada, Louisiana and Florida. Retail price is $49.95 for the 750ml bottle. We say, bottom’s up.
Peep the official site to watch the oddness.

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