DESIGN | INSA x ROSSEAU | Futuristic Lounge Chair Design

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The newest collaboration from London based artist INSA includes this architectural marvel design with high end three dimensional bespoke furniture designer Ben Rousseau. Insa’s signature “Heel” graphic decorates this futuristic lounge chair inspired by automotive engineering and science fiction. Sorry folks hottie not included.

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DESIGN | Chanel Mobile Installation By Zaha Hadid In Central Park, NYC

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Let me start off by saying that yesterdays weather was not fit for man nor beast. A convenient down poor on the day that Zebak and I were set to visit the Chanel Mobile installation in Central Park was not what we had intended. Walking down 5th. Avenue in the wind and rain, hair frizzing, while all the while me cursing that the exhibition better be the greatest thing ever (or at least close to it), since finding a pair of killer Dolce & Gabanna black heel boots from ’06 season for $200 bucks!

We entered on 69th street, where we were finally greeted by the spaceship like structure. Thankfully we obtained tickets in advance when they were first made available in September, via the Chanel Mobile Art site. Approaching the entrance we noticed the long line of people waiting on “stand-by” for admittance to our left. We probably waited on the “express” line for about 5 minutes, where we were politely greeted by security and guest patrol, and then escorted to the door. Within another few minutes we were finally in! Handed our belongings into coat check (by this time we were also hot as hell making sure we weren’t late), and received a pair of tour headphones. The entire tour was a little under an hour, and was narrated by veteran French actress Jeanne Moreau. Guests were immediately engulfed into the sultry world of Chanel, interpreted by the masterful architecture of Zaha Hadid. I was immediately put at ease, forgetting about the dismal day. The narration of Moreau provided each individual specific directions to follow and visit each installation. The dimly lit space was so relaxing, it allowed participants the chance to “dream in color”.

Our favorite exhibits was the over sized Chanel leather bear and swing set container entitled (“Comfortable” by Fabrice Hyber 2007-07). It was ever so slightly cracked open, with its handles held together by a signature Chanel leather chain-like strap. Can I just tell you I had my hand on the strap for so long. I was so tempted to just swipe it! Next was the (“Light Years” by Lee Bul 2007-08) exhibit which symbolically represented the “brain center” of creation for Chanel. Wrapping up the tour you couldn’t deny the power of the oversized bag entitled (“Crystal Custom Commando” by Sylvia Fleury 2007-08). It was outrageous to say the least. The staple Chanel bag was lined in pink fur, and held an oversized Chanel compact showing video images of machine gun wielding women in charge.

Lastly, patrons were prompted to take three informational postcards and walk to the “Wish Tree” installation by Yoko Ono. With headphones still on, guests were directed to take a card and pencil, write down your wish, and attach it to the tree. This was the official end of the tour. In all, the exhibit was well worth it and was regulated with the great professionalism. We only wish there were additional installations that were oversized and more tangible for the NYC tour. There were a few interpretive exhibits we could have done without as well. We handed in our coat ticket, picked up our belongings, and were treated with a Chanel New York Mobile Art Issue #3 magazine keepsake.

Later that day we also met up with emerging jewelry designer Lillian Crowe, also featured by the lovely ladies over at Miss Crew. Aside from being talented, she is probably one of the most down to earth and accomodating people we have ever met. We are proud to announce that her designs will be featured and sold in the upcomming months at our new exclusive Special Sauce location. Stay with us and be in the know, as there will be more info. after the hop.

We kept one of the magazines in plastic for prosperity, the other we have opened it to share some images with you. Peep the luxury and decadence that is Chanel.


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At the end of August we reported on the highly anticipated Chanel installation to drop in Central Park, created by Iraqi born and master architect Zaha Hadid. We’re anxious to hit this up next week and will be dropping the word afterward. So stay with us and be in the know.

In the meantime…

If you haven’t been privy to score tickets to this once in a lifestyle Mobile Art Pavilion and experience her work, patrons now have a second opportunity. From November 1 – December 13, guests will be able to view Hadid’s latest installations derived from her various large scale projects being showed at the Sonnabend Gallery located 536 W. 22nd St. and 169 Tenth Ave., NYC.

DESIGN | CHANEL Mobile Art lands in NYC

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Don’t look to the skies, but the iconic brand Chanel will temporarily be touching down in Central Park, NY with a traveling art pavilion known as MOBILE ART . At the request of Chanel’s designer Karl Lagerfeld, the futuristic spaceship like structure was created by architect Zaha Hadid of London, and will house the works of 20 international contemporary artists who will exhibit their works inspired by the staple quilt bag that has given Chanel it’s unique identity. The challenge was to make the 7,500-square-foot structure visually compelling, and could also be transported with ease. The material consists of light weight panels that can easily be packed into 51 shippable containers. The traveling project will have free entry to all and will circulate for the next 2 years in Asia, United States, & Europe. An event we’re looking forward to! Back after the jump.

EXHIBITION: Oct. 20 to Nov. 9
LOCATION: Central Park, NY, Rumsey Field & 70st.

Source:NY Times

Source: The Cool Hunter